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New Age is a leading Cross Tabulation Solutions Provider for Custom, International, and U.S. Consumer Insights Survey Data. Our clients enjoy using our reporting tools to generate robust analytical reports and media schedule reach projections.

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Easy Distribution of Your Data Insights and Analytics

No matter how complex your surveys may be, let our team put our tools to work for you and show you how your data retrieval process can be faster and easier.

For Consumer Insights Research Companies

EzACCESS helps you provide your clients with secure direct access to cross tabulate their marketing research survey data. We can include any report for example, Sorted Crosstab, Trend and report file formats based on your specifications and branded under your company’s name.

For Media Brands

Use EzACCESS to better distribute research intelligence enterprise wide.
Harness our user centric decision tree GUI to drill down into custom and large data sets and only deliver the specific data the user is interested in. Reports can be totally customized and branded so they are sales ready.
We host syndicated data from all the major domestic and international vendors such as comScore, Ipsos, and MRI|Simmons.

NAMSI Solutions
Powerful Tools

​​Our suite of reporting tools work for advertising agencies, corporate and media brands as well as the bespoke survey markets.

Easy to Learn and Use

​​New Age offers simple, powerful software platforms that are very intuitive.  Depending on your data requirements, we can have you running meaningful reports within 24 hours.

No Data Maintenance

​We manage all aspects of hosting your current and historic data your individual queries, and the most fast flexible powerful cross-tabulation platform in the marketplace. 

Personal Service

​We spend our time listening to clients and focus on their evolving data intelligence requirements.

Improved Efficiencies

All our software is designed with the end user in mind, with many functions and features designed to save time and cut down on duplicative efforts.

Meaningful Reporting

​​​We provide many report formats but most importantly we can provide report designed exactly the way you want. ​

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​Your all-in-one data analytics solution.